‘Pop Up’ SHOP

Participated in a ‘Pop Up Shop’ on 13/14th Dec at SHU. It was an interesting experience on several levels in terms of

  • organising such an event
  • human nature
  • trying to be  commercial
  • public response to my work

Thanks to one or two assertive individuals things moved along in organising our event although we  had our moments, in particular in terms of liaising with the next door shop at the set up on Wednesday afternoon (12th Dec)  with limited space/facilities available! Again efficient individuals came to the fore in organising the running once set up. It was good to see such skills.

shop 2 webshop 1 web

The degree of success in terms of sales varied as some practices were more suitable to such an event than others. My 2D practice lent itself to such an event  e.g. prints and cards

Small Print and Cards

Small Print and Cards

Monk's Dale

Monk’s Dale Photo Etch Print

There was much to learn about editioning the prints. To my surprise the larger prints sold, the cards less so.

Customer feedback was interesting e.g. the need to title the print on the print in terms of location if it is a local scene. The two part days  spent on duty  in the SHOP were interesting in terms of how the public, albeit a skewed sample due to location, reacts to such events.

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