Flying Visit to Almeria

In early February I took a quick trip to Almeria province to follow up on initial work on what is left behind when the people, the minerals and the rain are gone. All that remains is the sun! And the almond blossom! And the plastic horticulture!

Took a load of pictures which will be incorporated into works before too long.

Here is a quick random selection.P1040943 low   P1040877 lowP1040868 low P1040849 low P1040840 low P1040831 low P1040822 low P1040809 low P1040781 low P1040776 low first bw000 low   P1040908 low P1040836 low   P1040746 low first bw 2027 low first bw 2022 low

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One Response to Flying Visit to Almeria

  1. I love the photo of Níjar with the greenhouses behind 🙂

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