New Exhibition -Deluge – Great Sheffield Flood

Three artists, including me, are exhibiting at Bank St Arts in Sheffield from 12th to 16th March at Bank St Arts. The flyer is

Bank St Flyer

Bank St Flyer

Joy Clements’ work is entitled Erosion and Eliza Davison’s is Reclamation. There is a kind of synergy in the three sets of exhibits.

My work is  Deluge responding to a wintery walk round Dale Dyke reservoir which collapsed in 1864 and devastated Sheffield. It was subsequently rebuilt.

Our opening day of the 12th March is the 149th anniversary of the Flood. I penned a few words on the Flood and the atmosphere around the reservoir on that day – just click on the image to read.

Exhibition notes

Exhibition notes

The screen prints first appeared in my blog in January as Screen Print Days. I’ve had time to ponder some more and print some further items.

Here is an overview of my part of the exhibition.

Bank St Show panorama

Bank St Show panorama

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