Starting to consider the year 3

As a requirement and also to reflect on the year, I have gone back through the last 8-10 months of exhibitions visited. They are listed below

Nottingham Contemporary – Mika Rottenberg
-James Gillray
Nottingham Trent Degree Show
SHU -Degree Show
Turner Margate – Turner and the Elements
Royal Academy – Summer Exhibition
Foundation for contemporary art –David Claerbout
Victoria Miro – Grayson Perry –The Vanity of Small Differences
-Sarah Sze
Whitechapel Gallery- Government Art Collection
-London Open
National Gallery – Metamorphosis plus general view
Tate Modern – Edvard Munch plus general view
Haunch of Venison –Nancy Holt (photography)
Sheffield S1 Artspace – Keith Wilson, Millenium -Paul Morrison, Graves – Warhol, Site – Quirky Books
Spain – Andaluz Contemporary –Post Painterly Abstraction, Vejer –NMAC –Turrell, Abramovich, Eliasson etc
YSP – Miro plus Land Artists Anish Kapoor Retro etc
Ambleside – Armitt Museum –Kurt Schwitters memorabilia
Liverpool Bienniale –in particular John Moores Painting Prize
Millenium Gallery – Force of Nature
London in the snow -National Maritime – Ansel Adams,National Gallery – Seduced by Art,Haunch of Venison – Patricia Piccinini,Welcome -Death; A self-Portrait,
Sheffield -Waterprint
Sheffield – Hutton’s Unconformity by group utk

The strongest impact/ memories/inspirations are not necessarily just based on the works but the context of the visit and many other factors
Turner Margate -the wonderful Turner images, the new building and the dreadful seaside town
Metamorphosis for sadness
Grayson Perry as telling as usual
Nancy Holt images of Westen graves -how lonesome can u get!
Royal Academy Summer -worth it for Norman Ackroyd alone!!
NMAC in Spain as a wonderful art suprise -great art on a golf course/ ex Army camp!!
Kurt Schwitters could paint
Riding down the Thames in the snow to see gorgeous B&W photography of Ansel Adams
The range of prints at Waterprint -interesting
The pleasing, interesting and site specific work in the Hutton building -really good utk.

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